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Topic subjectRE: how about this sura
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6449, RE: how about this sura
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Wed Nov-13-02 06:30 PM
translated from arabic its hit......not spank or beat.

in the sunnah (tradition which explains its context)...the prophet (saw) never hit anyone......hs companions carried out the hadd (punishment)...actually he was big on telling people who commited crimes that the best thing to do is to never repeat it...or pay the blood money in the case of murder...

gotta remember the quran covers a lot of ground..and it covers societies where the people marry at older ages..and covers a case whee in some cultures you are a woman after puberty....a 12 year old wife who steals is not the same as a 54 year old wife who lies....."hitting" is not the absolute...check its context and you will see that first other solutions are offered..and if hadd (state punishment0 is the prefered method to absolve the crime....i'd rather not have anyone see my wife's rear end....alhamdulillah (thank "god") for that, cause it would only open the can of worms where the perverted brother goes around whipping women (sorta like the video of those lunatics whipping women in public in afghanistan....muslims arent perfect...and no system of government that introduces the human eliment is ever utopian....islam is not a utopia...and muslims steal, rape, murder, and worse....if we wouldnt have allah would have no need of warning us about ourselves...and then there would be no hadd for it...