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Topic subjectRE: how about this sura
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6448, RE: how about this sura
Posted by osoclasi, Wed Nov-13-02 06:05 PM
>oh oh i do!!!!
>yes teacher that means that if your wife does something that
>requires flogging (LIKE IT DOES FOR MEN...GO TO YEMEN YOULL
>SEE)..instead of having big brovah umar spank your wifes
>rear in public!!!! you can handle the hadd yourself.......if
>you dont like the hadd (punishment) then dont be
>muslim.......you wont hurt allahs feelings...wallahi!!!!!

Response: It does not say spank, it says beat. And futher more I was not planning on becoming a muslim any time soon.
>you people dont like the hadd, hate allah, and want to know
>what goes on in this country? this is the refuge for those
>who hate allah......

Response: nothing against Allah, I just have my doubts. Thats all.