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Topic subjectRE: how about this sura
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6447, RE: how about this sura
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Wed Nov-13-02 11:21 AM
oh oh i do!!!!

yes teacher that means that if your wife does something that requires flogging (LIKE IT DOES FOR MEN...GO TO YEMEN YOULL SEE)..instead of having big brovah umar spank your wifes rear in public!!!! you can handle the hadd yourself.......if you dont like the hadd (punishment) then dont be muslim.......you wont hurt allahs feelings...wallahi!!!!!

you people dont like the hadd, hate allah, and want to know what goes on in this country? this is the refuge for those who hate allah......and regardless you would rather lock my wife away from her child for 2 years for stealing instead of me saying to her you did wrong...so i am not going to stay around you for a while.....(and please dont bring up the fornicating lady in nigeria....you are muslim, you are responsible for ISLAMIC law...just as if they would smack me on the butt for stealing (minor offence)...they would lock me up of 2 years and let some dude named bubba smack my butt...i say break out the pelu..and smack me with the mishwak (toothbrush)...rather than give me a criminal record for the rest of my days....

and dont be foolish and say "duuuuuhhh, bat shee's an adalt baaass"....and ill tell you so am i.....so she can officially do what she wants...and so can i.