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6428, so are you
Posted by thrill_factor, Mon Nov-11-02 08:05 PM

if you want to put it in such simplistic terms. selling her people out? who are her people exactly? in her terms, it's other muslim women. now, you can disagree with her strategies, but you haven't even *addressed* the question of muslim women's rights.

and let me ask you tho, if there is so much muslim social reluctance to address feminist ideas that the woman has to run to the west, what does that even say about the extent of the crisis? i mean, i don't agree with inviting one devil to fix your problems with another, but such "opportunism" is the strategy of the desperate. being in such dire straits deserves some respect.

if you want to make a case for a better, more sophisticated feminist response, make one. but your contempt comes far too easily *mister* aziz.