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Topic subjectPimp-slapping hoes is a horrible act...
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6427, Pimp-slapping hoes is a horrible act...
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Tue Nov-12-02 03:06 PM
For generations it has been practiced in da pimpin' game... its easy to look at it with a religious state of mind without researching the economical/social aspects that it has for a ho... For many pimps it's an act of love, they don't want their ho's to be gettin' out of line, running wild and becoming outcasts of da game, so they pimp-slap them to keep them in line. Because after all, it's all about the love...

>....genital mutilation is a horrible act,for
>generations it has been practised in Somalia...its easy to
>look at it with a western state of mind without researching
>the economical/social aspects it has for women...For many
>mothers/grandmothers its an act of love,they dont want their
> (grand)daughters to be the outcast of society so they
>circumcise them

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