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Topic subjectAlright, calm down
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6426, Alright, calm down
Posted by watdefok, Tue Nov-12-02 01:03 PM
>Man do you know her?Do you know anything about Somali people
No i don't know her, and i can't say i read any books she wrote or anything. Just a couple of articles and interviews. As for Somali culture, all i know is what my friend told me, and some things i read. But no, i don't know that much about her or her background.
But actually, my reply wasn't so much to defend her, but more against the accusations of her being the equivalent of an "uncle Tom" for what seems to be just giving her opinion. Cause all those uncle Tom accusations are ignorant and annoying. And as for her being an opportunist... she's getting death threats for saying what's on her mind. I don't see how that would benefit her, unless she wants to live on the edge or some shit like that. So why are people so much against her?

>For many mothers/grandmothers its an act of love,they dont want their
>(grand)daughters to be the outcast of society so they
>circumcise them
Yes i am aware of that. But isn't it fucked up that a society doesn't consider women with their genitalia in tact to be clean and wholesome? That alone ought to be critisized, and the fact that those acts are associated with Islam is even worse. Because in my opinion it's actually a great insult to the creator that women have to be "modified" before they're acceptable, especially since it causes so much suffering. God/Allah is supposed to be perfect, so to consider his most beautiful creation to be incomplete is rediculous. With male circumcision it's different, because that provides better hygiene and it doesn't have any sexual consequences. But female circumcision serves no other purpose than to prevent women from having an orgasm. Women are being robbed from their sexuality, one of the greatest gifts god gave them.
I really don't think anybody in the world has a good excuse for female circumcision.