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6421, Idiot...
Posted by watdefok, Mon Nov-11-02 06:33 PM
She moved to the West because she didn't want to grow up in a culture where women are treated like shit, where their genitalia are being mutilated and are forced to marry men they don't know. That's not the essence of Islam, but that is reality in many Muslim countries. Including Somalia, where she's from.
She doesn't like that and doesn't want to live in a place where that happens, nor does she want any daughters she might have to have to go through that as well, so she left. How the fuck does that make here an "uncle Tom"?

She doesn't critisize Islam as a whole, but the extremely radical aspects that people added, which are in no relation to Islam itself but are committed in the name of Allah. And the fact that this critisism resulted in numerous death threats only proves her point.