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Topic subjectoh come on
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6416, oh come on
Posted by LexM, Thu Nov-14-02 03:05 PM
i'm not saying that

but if she had gone to someone in her country (which she probably wouldn't have even had an opportunity to do had she gotten into that marriage), she might have gotten killed anyway, or it would have to be all underground in which case she may not have reached as many people.

i understand your point, but i don't think she was "selling out". she did went where she thought she could survive, and by speaking out she may help to SAVE some of her muslim sisters.

i'm wondering where u think she should have gone or who she should have told...

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i wanna channel words like
whoopi channeled ghosts
break nouns, verbs and concepts
like mongolian equestrians
break horses
and ride across mental deserts
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