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6412, RE: thank u for that
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Thu Nov-14-02 06:36 PM
dope lex, dope...its a human problem...not just a muslim problem...and check suratul anisa for the answer to what men get for abusing their wives (..and allah has power over all things/..wa allahu qulishayin qadir)...check the shifa of qadi iyad as to weather its suggested we hit them in the first place....(the answer is no..the rasoolullah (saw) never hit his...and the problem would com in when you have 1 billiob prople over the course of 1400 years..and the provision to not have your wifes rear spanked by a stranger for her crimes was never placed in a book thats supposed to outline live for the last stage of mankind on earth......not fair to us if that was the case...

spousal abuse is forbidden in islam.........the hadd (punishment) for a woman who commits a crime is to let her family handle it (xcept for capital punishment).....we dont do like the taliban and have strangers spank women in public (though the men get spanked in public)....like i said...yu dont have to agree with islams method of punishing for its crimes...you arent muslim, and i can understand if you dont like beatings for criminal acts.....or castration for serial rape...or repeat capital robery or violent robery punishable by hand cutting (stealing doesnt mean they loose a hand, and food is excluded...and the poor have a right if they have no property)....in order to make any comments on islamic law IN PRACTICE...you must understand volumes have been written on the subject and entire groups of people have dedicated their lives to uphold the law...if you want to make comments on islamic law...first understand usul, then fiqh, and all its branches before you can go off and say "brodha the coran say..."...i am aware of what it says...but what does it mean..'

and for a man who lashes his wife out of malace...she is enntitled to divorce..and/or monitary compensation for beating her...if he lashes her in the face....he might be punished for it...but bah....its like talking to trees..they might hear you..but they will never tell.