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Topic subjectfor those not cooking inclined...
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6372, for those not cooking inclined...
Posted by MikeCzech, Mon Nov-18-02 12:01 PM
or on the go for the Holidaze, Whole Foods Market (at least the California locations...) has an AMAZING gluten-based vegan Field Roast that they will have available for Thanksgiving pick-up. They were sampling it yesterday and it's quite tasty and the texture is perfect. $9.99 / LB which serves 2-3 people per pound.

We made a Tofurky last year and it sucked - waayyy to bland. The only good part of it was the yuba (tofu skin) based "skin". My wife cooks the rest of our meal, but it's nice to have a pre-made main dish so we don't have to stress her parent's kitchen so much on Thanksgivng day.


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