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Topic subjectRE: lots of sweet potatoes
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6365, RE: lots of sweet potatoes
Posted by atvaone, Tue Nov-26-02 06:33 AM
instead of marshmellows, put some apples and walnuts in there, and keep the cinnamon, my mom makes this, its dope

call me sentimental, but when
you cum in a women's hair, I
feel you share a certain
bond-david cross

steady puffin' l's and fight
hell like spawn-everlast

aut uh mi hed, things are
different-shuggie otis

I could walk up to the
president and blow smoke in
his stupid monkey face, and
he'd have to sit there
grooving on it-Homer Simpson

Im a reasonable man get off
my case-Thom Yorke

In the year 2000, a stoned
college student will realize
that soy milk, in spanish,
means I am milk.

It's not for you...look, I
like to masterbate in
a closed room while people
are waiting for pie to cool.