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Topic subjectRE: Another Negative Perception
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5956, RE: Another Negative Perception
Posted by MeDiNaStaR, Sat Mar-01-03 09:49 AM

>As far as my career and life, it's been a lifelong process
>to live on my own terms. When I was a girl, I had to learn
>that it was not my job to take care of my father, a grown
>man, or his children and affairs. I was just a kid, not a
>surrogate wife. Fortunately, it's easier now. My
>supervisor and male colleagues are not my sons or my "boys".
> We are all equal whether they choose to see it that way or

Seems like you read my mind, I grew with responsiblity as synonym for my name...Now I'm trying to find balance between self and "others"

its a struggle thou

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