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Topic subjectThanks for posting this.
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5951, Thanks for posting this.
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Feb-28-03 12:27 PM
This is because there is a patriarchal expectation that they would lead. It is hard for whitefolks to envision us surviving in a social context where WE lead. That is a Christian notion also, sanctioned by I Corinthians (the God-man-woman-child order of the family).

>>Is it GOd given that men of whatever description should know
>more, earn more, wield more power than women? I have never
>heard anybody say that the virtual monopoly of Black men in
>the realm of public elected office, up to and including the
>U.S Congress- this 'imbalance' this de facto minority state
>of affairs for Black women implies 'broad and harmful
>consequences' to anything...