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Topic subjecthad to dig up my girl June Jordan
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5949, had to dig up my girl June Jordan
Posted by akon, Fri Feb-28-03 11:54 AM
cause you know she always had something to say (r.i.p June).
this is from her book, Technical Difficulties. Tried to get the whole essay online but cant... so i'll just paraphrase..
I think this was written for valentine's day 1989..

No chocolates for breakfast.

... but let me not discount the debit side of things! We do have 'experts'. i bet anybody ten cents: if black women disappeared tomorrow, a huge retinue of self appointed and New York times-appointed 'experts' would have to hit the streets looking for new jobs.

It seems we cant be beat for blame, I mean, whenever these experts find two or three Black women, why the next thing you know there is a pathogenic This or a pathological That. Seems we're generally not doing good enough or else we're doing altogether too good. Either way, me and my sistren, we apparently function as the hopeless carriers, if not causative agents of bad news....

...That's about as gratuitious, as malevolent, and bedeviling as the New York times. Two Sundays ago, front page, they laid out this pseudo-scientific headline with their usual pomp: EXPERTS FORESEE A SOCIAL GAP BETWEEN SEXES AMONG BLACKS. According to the information the experts selected for evaluation, 60% of black students in colleges and universities are women, i.e fewer Black men currently attend institutions of higher learning than do black women. "This imbalnce among blacks, the experts proceed to explain, will have broad, harmful consequences not only on campuses but thoughout American society. ' What a crock of patriarchal malarkey.

Is it GOd given that men of whatever description should know more, earn more, wield more power than women? I have never heard anybody say that the virtual monopoly of Black men in the realm of public elected office, up to and including the U.S Congress- this 'imbalance' this de facto minority state of affairs for Black women implies 'broad and harmful consequences' to anything...

interesting point of view, i thought!