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Topic subjectTOPIC: The Black Mother/Daughter vs. Son Relationship
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5945, TOPIC: The Black Mother/Daughter vs. Son Relationship
Posted by strezzed, Fri Feb-28-03 09:04 AM
Do you believe that one of the reasons that we are so successful is that the Black mother (according to the sayings) raises her daughter, but loves or nurtures her son more?

I see this in my family and my friends' families A LOT!!! Then I see the result and the different levels of success between the males and the females and wonder if this is a result of that.

My mother put herself through college, is married, has a home, car, the whole 9. But my Uncle who is a year younger is still wandering, has been in jail, had a drug problem, has been married twice, barely has a relationship with his kids, and is very immature and irresponsible. My grandmother STILL is trying to take care of him, and sheis much harder on her daughters. Is this why our men lag behind? Because they want us to "baby" them as well by overcompensating for their lack of success?

How can we help them without neglecting oureselves? We who have a lot of issues to deal with as well coming from the system AND them.

Also, is this why we have such a strong loyalty to brothers despite their waning loyalty towards us? Are we just mimicking our mothers?

Has anyone seen Lala's Kin? There is a great example of that in there.

DISCLAIMER: I know that this does not apply to ALL men, but to a lot.