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5943, No WAY
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Feb-28-03 10:03 AM
do we have it easier. NO WAY. Once we rise, if we are alone(no man), we don't even have someone to talk to when we get home, about all the s*** we had to take from the whitefolks trying to tear us down cuz we made it. How is THAT having it easy? I mean, at LEAST Sistahs who have men, but might not be educated(say, a secretary married to a janitor) can go home and talk to him about the crap she had to deal w/, and vice-versa.

Who provides that @ home support for a single, educated Sistah? That does NOT constitute having it EASIER in any way.

I think it is white men who deem us as no threat. That is THEIR thing. That they think that actually works in our favor. White women on the other hand, are another story. From the plantation mistress, to the modern-day Sistah who works under them who is smarter, and more educated, we have ALWAYS been a threat to them. That is an issue of perceived strength that WE have, that they do not(we never could afford to lounge around and wait for someone to put US up on a pedestal, now could we?).