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Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Feb-28-03 09:47 AM
I think they open the doors to us more readily because we donot pose a threat to them. We can be powerful. That does not detract from white men's power in any way. Mammy had a VERY powerful role on the plantation. Sometimes, she would even tell "massa" what to do. But massa was still massa, now wasn't he? By being powerful, mammy kept HIS plantation running in tip top order. By rising in positions, ALONE, Black women continue to keep white male run corporations, governments, and universities running in tip top order. They would be stupid NOT to let us rise. we do THEIR bidding when we do. Brothahs on the other hand, pose a SERIOUS threat to the system in a state of DEVELOPMENT, not arrested, or a state of enfranchisement, versus 'dis'ed. Let HIM come into the "big house" and get some power. Next thing you'll know, HE'LL want to be "massa". Or the CEO of AOL/Time Warner. Same difference.

>>Do we have it easier or do we
>just deal with the bullshit of this system better?