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Topic subjectLet us have a review
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5937, Let us have a review
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Feb-28-03 09:51 AM
Sistahs, IF this request is not honored by our fellow Activists, do me a favor and DO NOT REPLY TO THEIR MESSAGES WITHIN THIS THREAD. This is intended to be a dialogue amongst us, and us only. Please, let us respect ourselves enough to not let nay-sayers detract us from this, nor anyone else who might just feel left out.

If you choose to address ignorance, or someone's lack of respect for our space by posting after having been asked NOT to, please inbox them. You can duke it out w/ them off-line. All they want is attention anyway. Some people can't STAND to see others try to rise w/o begging for their input in the process. Please, let us not get caught up in that.