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5935, shuddup
Posted by jenNjuice, Fri Feb-28-03 09:19 AM
"whether i'll ever live up to that and cease my search and study of a biological agent to rid the planet of caucazoids...the world
may never know."-

"God is good, me love God, God love me. God will take care of me, Jesus love me too, I will repent all my sins and give me to Jesus, Jesus will take me to heaven with him. Jesus loves me, me good. Me give money to church, church good. Pastor needs new car, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves pastor. Jesus is God, jesus is son of God, Jesus is father of god, me confused now. Me go to sleep now, me need nap, me brain tired."


~either stand tall or sit the fuck down~mos def

"Then Columbus didn't find anything, he was simply lost. if I take a boat to England once I get there, regardless of how, can I simply rename the place...Harlem?"-Aquaman

"However, the village mentality, and understanding what worked for us before injustice, before yurugu infection, before colonialism is what will save us now. "-Firebrand