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Topic subjectRE: Damn good points and questions
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5930, RE: Damn good points and questions
Posted by strezzed, Sat Mar-01-03 07:54 AM

>i dont see their presence in the white
>house as some sort of liberating moment for us- might have a
>lot to do with imagery, what looks good

he is not saying it is liberating. he just says that the republicans are doing better when it comes to giving minorities political power, i.e. bush vs. clinton's cabinet. it is more of a critique of the left and although they are ahead of the right in regards to representation they rarely give minorities that much power therefore their diversity is "symbolic rather than substantial.

(i watched this bush
>interview once and couldn't help noticing that when he got
>an affirmative action question he was quick to point out
>that even condi rice agrees with him. implication being
>because she's black she must speak for the rest of us. sort
>of saying, look! a black person agrees so i must be right).
>and that's about it. as i said, i think condi, i visualize
>white male.

why? because she has power?

>collin, he's giving so many mixed signals i
>dont know whether he's coming or going. either way, if the
>republicans embraced a jesse jackson, or a sharpton, or a
>barbara lee, maybe we can start talking about having black
>representation coming from the right. until then its merely
>white representation dressed in black skin. not trying to
>support it.

but jesse jackson and al sharpton do not represent all of "our" views. no candidate possibly can. the only candidate that could benefit us the most, whether she or he represents our views or not, is the one who is against this system of white supremacy and capitalism. and the democrats are nooo better. they are using carol mosely braun to take votes away from sharpton.