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Topic subjectthe newsweek article
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5909, the newsweek article
Posted by akon, Thu Feb-27-03 04:51 PM
bothers me...i mean its great that women are doing well and as a woman i applaud ever step we take, but i dont like the underlying tone in the article that makes it sound like some sort of... competition isn;t the right word, but its sort of contrasting women and men's archievements from a clinical perspective. i mean yes there are more men in prison and probably more black women in college but i would like to know the reason for that disparity. i dont think its so much that women have found the magic formula when it comes to breaking the race and gender ceiling, or whatever the statement, there has to be something in this society that limits black men from making as great a stride. (and these are issues we always talk about everyday), i feel the article should have mentioned this, as well. he talks about,