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Topic subjectI can dig it
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5907, I can dig it
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Feb-28-03 10:15 AM
What I would do in those situations is ask so many questions, and challenge them on so many topics, that they would give me independent study projects on African-American culture, to silence me, and get me out of their hair. Then @ the PTA meetings, they would tell my mother, "Oh she's so....INTERESTING, so....ARTICULATE. You should REALLY encourage her to write more." Because in writing, I had to be quiet, right?
But hey, that really worked in my favor. It is through those "independent study projects" that I: was introduced to Margaret Walker's Jubilee, The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, learned ALL about the Brown vs. Board of Education case, all the GOOD stuff about MLK( I did not find out the bad stuff 'til after undergrad), the Black Panther Party, the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

I loved my teachers' dealing w/ me in this manner. The PAYBACK would come, when I had to present my project to the whole class at the end of the semester. The looks on their faces....priceless.

>>Even as a child growing up in the suburbs I felt alienated,
>especially when I was in tehe higher level classes and was
>on of the few black kids in the class. The teacher would use
>me as a "representative" and spokesperson for all black
>folks when we talked about race issues. "Oh you don't know
>*insert random blakc person*" Me: " No let me break out my
>Black rolodex that lists all of the Black people in the
>world...shit I am trying to learn just like everyone else."
>That is a lot of pressure,lol.

>Even now in school as an english major I often feel isolated
>and ignored in the subjects that I study. How many times can
>I read about a white man describing and idolizing the
>English countryside? His woman (which I know does not look a
>thing like me)? His government (whcih oppressed my people)?
>You only get that 3 credit requirement of a "Minority or
>Women's" Literature. That off the top tells me that you
>value one culture above another.