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Posted by strezzed, Fri Feb-28-03 09:30 AM
Yes education is #1, especially political education.

But it is a shame that nowadays a lot of black kids feel at odds with the current school system. From racist or ignorant teachers, to subject matter that does not recognize our culture, to the overwhelming amount of black kids being placed wrongfully in special ed, to white women teachers and how they deal with black male students, to lack of funding in schools where there is a majority fo black students.

Even as a child growing up in the suburbs I felt alienated, especially when I was in tehe higher level classes and was on of the few black kids in the class. The teacher would use me as a "representative" and spokesperson for all black folks when we talked about race issues. "Oh you don't know *insert random blakc person*" Me: " No let me break out my Black rolodex that lists all of the Black people in the world...shit I am trying to learn just like everyone else." That is a lot of pressure,lol.

bell hooks speaks on this in Teaching to Transgress which is a damn good book.

Even now in school as an english major I often feel isolated and ignored in the subjects that I study. How many times can I read about a white man describing and idolizing the English countryside? His woman (which I know does not look a thing like me)? His government (whcih oppressed my people)? You only get that 3 credit requirement of a "Minority or Women's" Literature. That off the top tells me that you value one culture above another.