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Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Feb-27-03 01:10 PM
Seriously. Brothahs, we love y'all, but please allow us to have this meeting by ourselves. Whitefolk, what can I say? You are just not invited this time. We'll vibe w/ you on the other threads. Let me be clear about what I am defining as a Sistah: an Afrikan female. PERIOD. It does not matter WHERE you are in the world. If you are of (African)Afrikan descent, and the XX genotype, please join us in this discussion. You're input is welcomed. Before the smart-asses reply, no, I am not talking about Latina, Asians, AND even white women, since we ALL descend from the common gene of Eve, who came from KMT.

Sistahs, IF this request is not honored by our fellow Activists, do me a favor and DO NOT REPLY TO THEIR MESSAGES WITHIN THIS THREAD. This is intended to be a dialogue amongst us, and us only. Please, let us respect ourselves enough to not let nay-sayers detract us from this, nor anyone else who might just feel left out.

Anyway. Now that that the groundwork has been laid, let me write that the idea for this thread came from the "Wanna Be Malcolm's" thread, because it seemed to be turning into a Sistah's Conference towards the end. So why not really have one, right here, right now?

TOPICS: Pretty much anything you want. What's on your minds, ActivistSistahs? I'll start off by offering this Newsweek article up for discussion, which continues along the lines of the discussion we were having in the "Malcolm's" thread: