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Topic subjectRE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
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5545, RE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
Posted by Federisco, Tue Apr-08-03 10:09 PM
>This was a little out there and the reason why Morrocco is poorer than the U.S. is because there's no interest
>invested in Morrocco by western capital(even though i don't know much about Morrocco,i'm willing to say this)

Yes.. this is a result from how "Morocco is an african country while USA is the western country deluxe. Because of the divide between the west and the rest, there is a political and economical divide between USA and Morocco...", which i wrote about. So when it comes to this we think generally the same, just over eachothers heads.

>but the stratification i'm talking about is the stratification of types of family structures that are present. The
>U.S. has many different family structures and i'm willing that the ability to work outside a family structure not
>only allows individuals to have a higher earning potential but also, in the same vein, allows for greater upward
>mobility within a society allowing the poor to raise themselves up. i'm not saying that they can't in Morrocco,
>but i think that having a whole culture that is based largely on families blocks the upward mobility of those
>families that are on the lower end of their society.

But this is speculations based on how it is in the american society.. the moroccean is a different world.
And it doesn't take into account how morocco is an african country while usa is the western country deluxe, which alone causes big differences (opportunities, basis for growth, and much more on different levels).

Anyhow, going into this is also too complex for us, i think. Even for me who was in Morocco for two weeks in february, as a part of an exhange program. At least it is too complex for me.. from now on i'd only be speculating and repeating myself. But i've made my point and i see your standpoint.