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Topic subjectRE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
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5543, RE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
Posted by Federisco, Tue Apr-08-03 09:35 PM
You are right, "i stand corrected" when it comes to what i said.. got caught up in her stance.
But i think that you thinking her observations are aesthetic and don't have depth is because you are somewhat insulted by someone openly sharing her perspective on usa, as an abroader. At least in some way, and then automatically going into defence mode (naturally, or typically).

That was why i said "Healthy... really it should be". I think it is very important to take into account what outsiders think about the world you are apart of. Perspectives from the outside are rare and can open your own perspective, and also gives you more understanding. (Considering you respect that the perspective is being shared.)

>i don't think that this opinion carries any weight other than to open up conversation on a much broader topic of simply family structures in ghettos

Yeah, thats probably the best use for that opinion. But with this post i'm showing how it gives you the understanding that i explained above.