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Topic subjectRE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
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5542, RE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
Posted by brownsugs, Tue Apr-08-03 08:26 PM
>>>>I think that Nou Ra is judging the U.S. culture based on
>that of Morrocco, rather than just looking at the
No, i think she is looking at the differences. The word "judging" is only a more critical way to describe the same thing, perhaps put into use because you have at least a slight problem with her using her perspective.<<<<<<<<<<<

you're way off man, she's clearly making a judgement because she thinks that the family centered culture in Morrocco is better. you can see it in her rhetoric when she describes how "But here, in America, in the ghetto here, they don't have that family structure. Kids just run on the street at all times, day and night",. this clearly reveals that she is favoring the family centered model. she's not just pointing out differences, she's talking about something that she doesn't thinks shouldn't be the way it is and gives her "family as the pinnacle" culture as better. it's there in the rhetoric and i might think that her observations are aesthetic and don't have depth, but i think you are the one that is blinded by you're agreement with her opinion.

i think that a strong family is extremely important and hope to have one someday, but i don't think that this opinion carries any weight other than to open up conversation on a much broader topic of simply family structures in ghettos