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Topic subjectRE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
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5534, RE: Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
Posted by Federisco, Mon Apr-07-03 05:22 AM
>I think that Nou Ra is judging the U.S. culture based on
>that of Morrocco, rather than just looking at the

No, i think she is looking at the differences. The word "judging" is only a more critical way to describe the same thing, perhaps put into use because you have at least a slight problem with her using her perspective.

>and the difference is that America has more freedom, or
>individual independence, and morrocco is more orthodox and
>focuses more on the family.

Yep, that's what she is saying.

>That's why you see a larger stratification, but that is also
>why there are probably more people living above the poverty
>line in the U.S. than in Morrocco.

I dont understand stratification (if you mean a stronger community in Morocco: yes). But that isn't why more people are living below the poverty line in Morocco. There are other reasons to why it is like that.. Morocco is an african country while USA is the western country deluxe. Because of the divide between the west and the rest, there is a political and economical divide between USA and Morocco, and it has more to do with that than with what type of family culture USA and Morocco has.

>The Ghetto's might be a litte rougher or less family
>oriented, and the country might be segregated a good deal
>economically, but that doesn't mean deprived of a rich

She doesn't say USA is deprived of a rich culture. First of all she is pointing out the differences.. just talking about the observations she gets from coming from an orthodox islamic family from a settlement/ghetto in some Moroccean city.

>I think Nou Ra maybe is yearning for a little homelife after
>his long tour with the Roots and maybe needs a hug from his

Her, btw.. nah, i think there is nothing wrong about what she says, and that if she needed some rest it wouldnt affect her words on the differences all that much. I have a feeling that, as i was barely hoping for but wasnt too sure i would see, someone is feeling somewhat threatened by an abroader's perspective on USA.

That's why i said it was healthy.. the abroader's perspective.