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Topic subjectGhetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
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5532, Ghetto in morocco vs ghetto in usa
Posted by Federisco, Sun Apr-06-03 12:32 AM
later on in the documentary

Nichols: "What's the difference between a ghetto in morocco and a ghetto here?"
Nou (the Ghetto Joni Mitchell): "Ghetto in Morocco.. I mean, there is a huge difference. Basically the difference is that there is a community in Morocco. You know, the african people, they got this community thing goin on. And there's... The whole family structure is very very important in Morocco. It's like the pinnacle of society. But here, in America, in the ghetto here, they don't have that family structure. Kids just run on the street at all times, day and night. And the whole family unit thing, they just show it away, and when it's like that the loose ends tend to park the whole thing that keeps this community above water in the ghetto."