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Topic subjectamerican culture seen by the abroader
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5531, american culture seen by the abroader
Posted by Federisco, Sun Apr-06-03 12:31 AM
*symbolically kicks some dust up in the air*

US culture seen through the eyes of an "abroader", someone from another culture. Healthy.... really it should be.

Inspired by this:
"I think for me this job is very weird, because I come from Morocco. So I come from a really strong orthodox muslim background. But, like, to be here with african american men, on the road, in a hiphop thing... it's like, i mean it's not much shit, but it's like that culture is so different to any other, i think. It's like really deep, you know, and i think they got it the hardest... I've lived in Africa, I've lived in England, and now I've lived in America. And I think America is weird. Very weird. You know, we're driving around here, and I'm thinking.. ok, LA, loads of money, dadada.. But even so we drive past really fucked up areas. Ghettoes and shit. And then it's like back again to these rich neighburhoods and shit. I mean, it's all money orientated. I mean, I've never seen such a broad and really large amount of misogynists... (laughing)... in one social setting, before. And you know, i come from an islamic upbringing, which is really misogynistic, but this is on some other level. (Laughing) ...seriously! It's scary, i mean.. it really is scary." - road manager Nou Ra from radio documentary 'Hip-Hop 101: On the road with The Roots' from 96