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Posted by greg_soundz, Sat Apr-12-03 08:01 AM
>On the contrary, im not mistaking anything ...what you seem
>to be missing is that not once did Jesus Critique the *OT*
>or the *Laws of the OT*. He Called out the Teachers Of the
>Law....The Pharisees and the Sadducces because they were
>hypocrites in not only their lack of ability to follow all
>the laws 100% then wagging their finger at other peoples
>issues but also that they were follow things that fell on
>the Outside of the OT Orthodox.....Matt 23: 2-4 So who/what
>is really being critiqized?? The Scriptures (OT) was held in
>High regard by Christ... He referred to them Frequently.
>Matt: 22:29-32 *Luke 24:25; 27; 45 **Jn: 5:39

Please refer to post #57. I never wrote that Jesus critiqued the Old Testatment but rather that "Christianity was a critique of Judaism".

> This is not the same thing that occurs in the Qur'an it
>actually Criticizes both the people who follow the OT and/or
>NT and the Book it's self.

The flavor or tone of what's written might be different but the message of Jesus was definitely a commentary or critique on Judaism as it was practiced in his time.

>Im glad to see that you know more than the actual Witnesses
>that walked with Christ and scribed the NT, with the help of
>God, within the same generation where Christ Died and Rose.(
>Father Son and Holy Spirit) Luke 1:2 2Peter 1:16, 2Tim

I see here we have a fundamental difference of opinion. According to my scholarship the Gospels are not first hand eyewitness accounts. I can clearly see that you believe otherwise so I won't deal with that any further.

>There is a Dual Prophecy...One the was fulfilled during
>Isaiah's time - Isaiah 8:3 the Second being when "God with
>us" was born Matt 1 Luke 2
>Why bring up Psalms 110 while your at it.....

I wish I could believe in "dual prophecy" but it's just a bit far fetched for me. How many times can a prophecy be fulfilled then reinterpreted to magically fulfill some other completely unrelated event? We want the Bible to be what it can never be. Why should Isaiah or Psalms or Daniel correspond with any of the Gospels? They were never intended to in the first place. Isn't that enough? Do we have to now create the notion of "dual prophecy" to account for the obvious?

>Key term "practice"......and NOT of the OT...these
>traditions were being done/regulated outside of the OT Laws.

Again please see above...

>Thanks for the info greg...Christianity is a JEWISH FAITH He
>didn't create a new religion...Just Revealed the missing
>pieces in the OT

Missing pieces??? That's an interesting way to put it. The pieces were never really missing. At best Jesus was able to bring a revelation that fit with the time he was living in. At its core Judaism is steeped in ancient tradition that is/was unwilling to change. The pieces were there but I think the relevance was missing. This in my opinion is the modern day dilemna of the church, clinging to ancient traditions leads to irrelevance.

>To OT/Christ Followers it was the start of the Church
>Body....for to those that Believe in both OT and that Jesus
>being the Messiah Prophcised in the OT...

I am fully aware of the Christian interpretation but I must argue that it has been mis-read and misinterpreted.

>Key word practiced....and Not a Critique of the OT itself

Again I never said that...

I saw in an earlier post that you embrace a version of Calvinist thought. I'm sure we'll disagree on most things but I appreciate this debate. I come from school of thought that seeks to transcend all divisions and duality to reach the heart of The Great Mystery or "God".