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Posted by Jennyfer, Sat Apr-12-03 06:08 AM
>You're mistaking the account of the life, death and
>resurrection of Jesus as found in the New Testatment as an
>impartial and seamless progression of prophesied events.

On the contrary, im not mistaking anything ...what you seem to be missing is that not once did Jesus Critique the *OT* or the *Laws of the OT*. He Called out the Teachers Of the Law....The Pharisees and the Sadducces because they were hypocrites in not only their lack of ability to follow all the laws 100% then wagging their finger at other peoples issues but also that they were follow things that fell on the Outside of the OT Orthodox.....Matt 23: 2-4 So who/what is really being critiqized?? The Scriptures (OT) was held in High regard by Christ... He referred to them Frequently. Matt: 22:29-32 *Luke 24:25; 27; 45 **Jn: 5:39

This is not the same thing that occurs in the Qur'an it actually Criticizes both the people who follow the OT and/or NT and the Book it's self.

In order
>to give legitimacy to the Jesus Movement the writers of the
>Gospels turned to the Old Testament scriptures and
>interpreted them throught a Christological lens.

Im glad to see that you know more than the actual Witnesses that walked with Christ and scribed the NT, with the help of God, within the same generation where Christ Died and Rose.( Father Son and Holy Spirit) Luke 1:2 2Peter 1:16, 2Tim 3:15-16

>The most famous passages in Isaiah for example, have NOTHING
>to do with Jesus of Nazareth but they have been
>misinterpreted as proof of the his Messiah-ship.

There is a Dual Prophecy...One the was fulfilled during Isaiah's time - Isaiah 8:3 the Second being when "God with us" was born Matt 1 Luke 2

Why bring up Psalms 110 while your at it.....

>The teachings of Jesus were definitely a critique of modern
>Jewish practice.

Key term "practice"......and NOT of the OT...these traditions were being done/regulated outside of the OT Laws.

Jesus did not intend to create a new religion but
>bring new life into what was already founded.

Thanks for the info greg...Christianity is a JEWISH FAITH He didn't create a new religion...Just Revealed the missing pieces in the OT

Furthermore the account of the Holy Spirit visting
>the disciples on the Day of Pentecost(Shavuot) happened
>while they were celebrating a JEWISH holiday. Christians
>speak of the Day of Pentecost as though it is the title of a
>significant day in Christian history however the Day of
>Pentecost is and will always be a JEWISH event.

To OT/Christ Followers it was the start of the Church Body....for to those that Believe in both OT and that Jesus being the Messiah Prophcised in the OT...

>There is much more evidence I could contribute however I
>think it is important to see the foundation of Christianity
>(early Jesus Movement) as what it truly was. It was a
>critique of Judaism as practiced in Jerusalem.

Key word practiced....and Not a Critique of the OT itself