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5329, re:In "Reponse" to the comment Greg made
Posted by greg_soundz, Sat Apr-12-03 03:55 AM
You're mistaking the account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as found in the New Testatment as an impartial and seamless progression of prophesied events. The use of Old Testament scriptures to prove that Jesus is/was the prophesied Messiah is a practice called 'midrash'. Midrash is a type of Jewish commentary on the Scriptures intended to explain their meaning and apply them to the situations in which the interpreters lived. In order to give legitimacy to the Jesus Movement the writers of the Gospels turned to the Old Testament scriptures and interpreted them throught a Christological lens.
The most famous passages in Isaiah for example, have NOTHING to do with Jesus of Nazareth but they have been misinterpreted as proof of the his Messiah-ship.

The teachings of Jesus were definitely a critique of modern Jewish practice. In fact the early Jesus Movement was not a separate religion but a Jewish sect just like the Essenes, Zealots, Pharisees and others. The history of Judaism is filled with those who saught a new way to practice this faith. Jesus did not intend to create a new religion but bring new life into what was already founded. If you look at the early debates of the church in Acts, they were dealing with questions and issues pertaining to Judaism rather than some new religion (ex. circumcision, food sacrificed to idols). Furthermore the account of the Holy Spirit visting the disciples on the Day of Pentecost(Shavuot) happened while they were celebrating a JEWISH holiday. Christians speak of the Day of Pentecost as though it is the title of a significant day in Christian history however the Day of Pentecost is and will always be a JEWISH event. The disciples and all other follwers within the Jesus Movement were indeed Jews who broke off from mainstream Judaism and formed their own sect. I must reiterate that this was not something new. The Essenes did the same thing and moved outside of Jerusalem to worship Yahweh. It is from this sect that we now have The Dead Sea Scrolls. It is also believed/speculated that because Jesus was reared outside of Jerusalem he was influenced by the Essenes. It is without question however that his teacher John the Baptist was indeed part of this sect at one point.

There is much more evidence I could contribute however I think it is important to see the foundation of Christianity (early Jesus Movement) as what it truly was. It was a critique of Judaism as practiced in Jerusalem.