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Topic subjectIn "Reponse" to the comment Greg made
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5327, In "Reponse" to the comment Greg made
Posted by Jennyfer, Sat Apr-12-03 12:28 AM
...Christianity is not a Critique of Judaism...Rather it's a Progression of God's Revelation...The OT and NT are very compatible... the NT is the best commentary for the OT...Examples lay within the prophecies of the coming Messiah beginning in Genesis 3: 15.... (Prophecy being revealed Matt. 1, Luke 2, further explaination Gal. 4: 4)
and also the Sacrificial Atonement system that pointed towards the Messiah..Laws that revealed that that Sacrificial system would eventually saving factor for all those who believe in the One who paid for their sin debt.

This Messiah also visited the OT Patriarchs recognized as the Angel of YHWH

Now as for The Islamic take on the OT and NT....We have a number of categories.... which make it a critique and not progression in God of the OT and NT's revelation

1- They believed the Qur'an supercedes all previous revelations...and Muhammad (saws) Being the greatest Prophet..Better than any other Prophet that set foot on earth...
Even Isa (Even though Isa was noted as without sin in the Qur'an and Muhammad having a sinfest all through both The Qur'an and Hadiths Hmmmmm....)

2- Their belief that Scriptures had been forged or tampered with...(sura 4:48-49)

3- These "mistakes" caused Christ to be and Incarnation of God instead of the Human prophet he really was.. (For the record I believe Christ is both Fully human and Fully God...that's just to make it clear of my view in the Messiah)

Now contrary to popular belief the NT doesn't Supercede the OT and Vise Versa they compliment one another.. and the Qur'an does not compliment either one.... I.E. Origin of Creation, and of Adam. Location of Adam after Creation, Reasons Why Satan was expelled out of heaven, Rank of Supernatural beings and Natural beings, Story of Noah, Nature of God, etc. and that's not even all the diffrences with the just the OT... Let's utilize some problems between The Qur'an and the NT.......

Sura 4: 156...."And for their saying, Verily we have slain the Messiah, Jesus, the Son of Mary, an Apostle of God, Yet they Slew Him not and they Crucified him not, but they had only his likeness. And they who differed about him were in doubt concerning him: No sure knowledge they had about him, but they followed only opinion, and they did not really slay him, but God took him up to Himself. And God is Mighty and wise..."

sura 5: 19 "Infidels now are they who say Verily God is the Messiah Ibn Maryam! Say: And who could aught obtain from God, If he chose to Destroy the Messiah Ibn Maryam and his mother and all who are on the earth together?"

Now with that being said .....if you have a Qur'an in the area...

Go to Sura 3: 79 then 5: 50, 52, & 56 <------WOW! *Smiles*