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Topic subjectRE: "The Qur'an and the Bible are not compatible? Why?
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5323, RE: "The Qur'an and the Bible are not compatible? Why?
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Fri Apr-11-03 04:18 AM
>To my belief the bible and the Qur'an in not compatible
>because the bible has been translated over and over again by
>the europeans. Kings James which had the has his version and
>numerous of others. By the orginal bible was the egyptian
>papyrus which was the orginal bible. I will eleborate more
>but for now got to get back to being productive. I will
>research more and explain more about the Qur'an on my next

To be honest, the Bible has been translated directly into English from both Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic and they aren't worlds a part from "European" translated Bibles. Then you have archeological finds of lost scrolls from the late BC days o early AD (e.g., dead sea scrolls) containing copies of the Old Testament which are largely the same as ordinary Bibles (once translated) used in the West.

I think any disparity would lie in 2 factors:

-how loose or how literally the text were translated/transliterated.

-The anglicizing of names, places, people, culture etc. and not the doctrine itself.


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