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Topic subjectWell, to be honest, I was satisfied with all the replie
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5321, Well, to be honest, I was satisfied with all the replie
Posted by FireBrand, Fri Apr-11-03 10:19 AM
with the exception to anything that you had to contribute. This includes entire mini-threads you have created or participated in.

You have proven incapable of an objective, clear minded, youthful (in curiosity, and in spirit) approach to topics on Religion- even on your own cannon.

That's fine. It's just like when you get a CD that has a few song you don't like...I just skip over the track, or listen to it again to reaffirm my disdain for it.

That's life.

Read about Obediah (again). Questioning isn't wrong.

Avatar? Nea onnim sua a, ohu; nea odwen se onim dodo no, se ogyae sua a, ketewa no koraa a onim no firi ne nsa.

"Eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend, and give your supper to your enemy." Ancient Chinese Proverb

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