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Topic subjectYo...where is the OKP Ummah? Greg Soundz?
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5311, Yo...where is the OKP Ummah? Greg Soundz?
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Apr-10-03 10:49 AM
dialogue here and other than Ioness,abduhu,Troll, and Delete Me I really don't see anyone in here who seems to be trying to attack the subject matter the way I thought ya'll might. I realize that in someways this topic is subjective, but there are some rock solid facts about the Qur'an and the Bible, and the Torah that need to be discussed in depth here. I'm interested in the relationship between the three, and where exactly there became a change that created deep schisms from a religion that damn near coulda incoporated ALL THREE principles as one at one point.

Where the hell is Greg Soundz, Jennyfer...Intelligently 95?

Or someone who can actually contribute without the non partisan rhetoric?

For real?

So we understand that Christianity is a reform movement of Judiasm. We also understand thatIslam is also branches from Judiasm right (I could be wrong- but I think this is true)?

So then, aren't we (Christian and their derivities, Islam and it's derivitives, and Judiasm and it's derivites) all worshipping the same God?

I look at basic characteristics that disguish the three:

Islam- Theology beyond the 5 pillars and Qur'an
*Islam distances God from Humans
*God is powerful and brings fear and awe (not a coincidence Bush used this phrase.
*Fear is appropiate in the power of God
*Once fear is conquered, there is peace, and God is
*Hadith as Gospel
*Shihada, Salat,etc...
*Sufism, Shiites, sunni, 5%s, Nation of Islam,etc
Jihad- struggle

Christianity- The followers of Jesus

*Non acceptance of Sadducees, Pharasees, and Zealots in favor of following Esseens (Baptist ascetics).
*After Peter and Paul's influence (Highly influenced by Roman society- Paul frequented Antioch) the adoption of ancient Kemetic/Pharonic principles of Sun on the Cross (which was later used by Romans to depict the power of Ceasar, and was watered down to the title "King of Kings, Lord of Lords",or phrases like "Sun of God", or "My lord".
*Repentance, through Jesus as a way to salvation.
*Catholicism, Protestantism,Eastern Orthodox...
*Evangelism/Apocalypticism, as opposed to personal undertanding/struggle with God because of the "bail out" of Jesus.

*The 4 composities (Priestly, Duetoronomists,Je', Elohimists
*Mesopotamian story of Adapa, and it's relationship to Adam.
*The creation stories
*The temple periods, and the changing of Mitvah interpretations.
*Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, reconstructionist, Hebrew Israelites, Lemba...
*Israel- One who stuggles with God
*God is everywhere

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