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Topic subjectRE: They totally contridict:
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5310, RE: They totally contridict:
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Apr-10-03 08:19 AM
>Honestly, did you really have to invoke that corny wrestling
>line into this?

Response: Oh of course. The Rock is the best.
>In your logic, I agree (save the parts about God "dying")
>but there is a fundemental question to ask next:
>Since you obviously believe the God of the Bible (YHWH) and
>the God of the Qur'an (Allah) are not the same because (in
>your view) the God of the Bible died on a cross and is a
>Trinity (3 persons in 1 God) and not One Entity as God, does
>that also mean you believe the God of Judaism is also not
>the same God as the one you believe in?

Response: No I would not go that far. I just think that the Jews do not have the complete view of God. Their view of God is not the finished modal.
>The reason I ask is because Christianity is based in
>Judaism, and Jews do not believe in a triune God or that God
>died on a cross. I don't think anyone in the Old Testament
>saw God as triune either, so are you saying the entire
>Hebrew tradition which became the roots of Judaism is also

Response: Well first of all there are some jews who do believe in a triune God. We call them messianic jews and they accept that Jesus has died on the cross. And again, I think that Judaism is not complete. It has some truth within it, but I don't see it as being complete. The only way for it too be complete is through them acknowledging the truth of Christ.

Remember Christ called himself the *way*. The way is the *way* away from Judaism. Because he is the truth and the life.
>And please don't respond with "progressive revelation"
>because although that might apply to the people in the
>Bible, it does not to modern Jews.

Response: I think it does apply to not only modern day jews, but to all people in all aspects of life. I don't view it as a book without any significance for today.