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5308, RE: They totally contridict:
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Apr-09-03 04:04 PM
>There is no way that Allah would ever and the Rock means
>ever send his only begotten Son to die for our sins.

Honestly, did you really have to invoke that corny wrestling line into this?

>There is no way that Allah would ever come down as a human
>and die for our sins. And I mean ever.
>That is the whole contridiction. Did God come down and die.
>Now this is a big deal because if determines your view of
>It determines your world view, it determines how one views
>salvation. It determines how one becomes righteous before
>God. Whether one is at peace with God or whether one is his
>enemy. etc
>So the very foundations of both books are at total ends of
>the spectrum.

In your logic, I agree (save the parts about God "dying") but there is a fundemental question to ask next:

Since you obviously believe the God of the Bible (YHWH) and the God of the Qur'an (Allah) are not the same because (in your view) the God of the Bible died on a cross and is a Trinity (3 persons in 1 God) and not One Entity as God, does that also mean you believe the God of Judaism is also not the same God as the one you believe in?

The reason I ask is because Christianity is based in Judaism, and Jews do not believe in a triune God or that God died on a cross. I don't think anyone in the Old Testament saw God as triune either, so are you saying the entire Hebrew tradition which became the roots of Judaism is also false?

And please don't respond with "progressive revelation" because although that might apply to the people in the Bible, it does not to modern Jews.


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