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5305, RE: Okay, well here is my question:
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Thu Apr-10-03 04:00 PM
>Aren't Judaism, Islam, and Christianity at their root-
>before the new interpretation of Law, before St. Augustine,
>and the 2nd temple movement,

yes...i know you know this already (you arent your avg cat...there are alot of you ppl here)..christianity started as a sect of judiasm..but jews werent the only monotheistic group ever...you would find that the historical roots (everythng has a root we see and one we dont) of judiasm is kmt...the truth of the matter is that it was inspired by this "supreme lord" we tend to call in english "god" (from good in german...and good isnt always "good"..what we know is based on perception..and god takes the life off little kids...those who know..know its all good...and those who dont feel the pain and refuse to letgo of whats passing...i suffer from the same illness..and its human)

or Kalifs..

sorta...if you remember the 4th khalif was ali ibn abi talib (muawiyyah wanted those who took the blood of uthman, the persians..to pay the blood money...ali didnt want to be the knalif..but when you are appointed by the people its you job...there is an islamic saying that the best one for the leadership role is the one who wants it the least...and he begged them to leave him alone)..the khalifs (amir al muminin) had the job of solidifying the muslim community...

abu bakr (ra), keeping the muslim community together and enforcing the zakat laws, especially with the beduin....who the messenger loved..note islam still tends to spread among the "low" in socety...we were promised this also..abu bakr (ra) didnt want to be khalif

umar (ra), protecting the muslim community..atttacked the romans in egypt, palestine, and syria who threatened to attack them though they had a "treaty"...well they won..and note the "arabs" (lol) are there now...didnt want to be khalif either..complained while he was khalif that it was too much of a trial for him)..

uthman...islam all the way to spain morocco...actually it was alot of open dessert and they just "marched' to the ocean..very little conflict...there were small north african jewish communities which still survived till ww2 and later qadafi (dumb name)...he held the spirit that people can do what they want as long as they dont infringe on the rights of others...must pay the jizyah tax (a 15% tax on capital wealth...what you had on hand at tax time..) because they didnt have to fight...uthman did part of that to stom the inpending roman backlash which they were promised...uthman didnt want it either

ali..didnt want it..but this was when islam encountered its biggest trial..with any civilization there comes a time that scores must be setteled...its like friends who argue..america had its civil war..islam had its battle over which was right..seeking retribution for a murder then having a leader..or having a leader then seeking retribution...bioth were right...but the people wanted blood...ali told his people that the peoples desires are reflected in their leader (basically) and he was right...the funny thing about muslims (the good ones from long ago)...the syrian christians found it odd that they would meet each other kiss each other...hug cry...but they were at war....it all ended..but that ushered in an era in islamic history where 2 empires (umayyads/"abasi"ds)..and thus ushered in the "scholorly age" in which the laws we know of today as muslims hold weight...the khalifs didnt adjust or change the law but look at this and reflect on what you know of islamic law and you will see a correlation...

aren't they
>basically just lifestyle guides following the same God?


>Where religion is really based on individual struggle, and
>the Sects of Christianity, Judiasm , and Islam speak more to
>community order?


>I mean...before James sent those messengers to bug Paul in
>Antioch, and before the Esseen movement grew in strength
>among the Jews, and before 4th Kalif and what comes with
>having to establish boudaries during these events...
>Were they so disimlar?

"religions all have the same father but different mothers"

>I mean can't one STILL be a jew without changing religion-
>just by following Koshuit law?

dont know..

>Isn't Judiasm then, the base?

the base in the unseen is "god' in the seen its the "stone cult" an ancient "semetic" group of people who worshiped some unseen "god" by making altars and walking around them odd times usually 7....the branch we see today is the semitic group...there were egyptian groups, s african, w african, central american, blah...the ones we see are of the semite group...and they are all different is law (mother) but same in faith (father)

>I'm confused as hell.

its easy...2 ways seen and unseen...i never saw china but i believe its there...
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