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Topic subjectOkay, well here is my question:
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5304, Okay, well here is my question:
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Apr-10-03 11:15 AM
Aren't Judaism, Islam, and Christianity at their root- before the new interpretation of Law, before St. Augustine, and the 2nd temple movement, or Kalifs...aren't they basically just lifestyle guides following the same God? Where religion is really based on individual struggle, and the Sects of Christianity, Judiasm , and Islam speak more to community order?

I mean...before James sent those messengers to bug Paul in Antioch, and before the Esseen movement grew in strength among the Jews, and before 4th Kalif and what comes with having to establish boudaries during these events...

Were they so disimlar?

I mean can't one STILL be a jew without changing religion- just by following Koshuit law?

Isn't Judiasm then, the base?

I'm confused as hell.

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