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Topic subjectthey are....to a degree.....then they arent
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5293, they are....to a degree.....then they arent
Posted by abduhu, Wed Apr-09-03 05:57 AM
for instance:
they all espouse that there is only The One God
they all espouse the commandments in one way or the other (with the exception of "keep thy sabbath day holy" for muslims)
they all espouse life after death
they all espouse heaven and hell
they all espouse the reality of prophethood and the messages they brought (namely that there is but One God, so dont worship other than Him)

where they eventually differ is:
who they believe The One God is, and what they attribute to Him.
how they follow and obey those commandments, if they do that.
their perception of life after death, how it is, where, when etc.
their perception of heaven and hell and how to get there (deeds, belief, etc.)
their perception on WHO the prophets are, and WHAT their messages are.

They all came from The One God, The Creator, Allah (as the muslims say), in their original forms of course, and to Him they shall return.