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Topic subjectRE: For the most part they probably are
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5288, RE: For the most part they probably are
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Apr-09-03 08:29 AM
>>-Which son of Abraham is the "golden child" (Ishmael vs.
>>which I think in some ways begins to take on an obvious
>>racial tone.
>not really. the original hebrew people (ie isaacs peoples)
>were of the same "race" as ishmael's crew. only recently
>(with the dispersion of jews and jewish culture into europe)
>have the jews as a whole taken on a much lighter complexion.
> abraham, isaac, ishmael, jacob and the whole gang would
>probably look like what we call arab today.

thats actually what I meant. the modern interpretation of this and its effect on modern discourse (e.g. israel/palestine) rather than it making a significant difference in that age.

>keep in mind, i'm no expert
>The newbie experience...
>(tapping thigh) you just think this is my leg.
>Disclaimer: lurk


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