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Topic subjectRE: For the most part they probably are
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5284, RE: For the most part they probably are
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Apr-09-03 08:27 AM
>(-for one any practice of polyagomy is not allowed anywhere
>in the Bible under the Mosiac law. If I'm not mistaken,
>isn't it alright for men to have 4 or so wives in the
>Um, Moses had many wives... so did Abraham... Noah... blah,
>blah... so this isn't true.

I just said that below.

>(Some of the prophets and kings in Israel had more than one
>wife (Solomon had over 700) but I don't thihnk this act was
>*accepted* but tolerated.)
>Um, not true.

Actually it is. Nowhere is any practice of polyagomy accepted by God in the Bible. It is merely tolerated (as sin in general is) and if you look at examples like Abraham being with 2 different women, Solomon having 700 jawns, Davis sleepin' with bathsheeba etc. it most-always leads to much chaos (in Solomans case, his downfall).

if I am wrong, please point to me an instance where polyagomy is accepted as righteous.

>-I could be wrong, but I think the law against pork (and
>other supersticious practices) is taken away in the NT.)
>Superstitious? Not so... 'hooved animals are not to be
>more than just pork. Not superstitious... just healthy.

I know eating pork isnt healthy. But to me making an example of the swine being unclean (and a sign of things that are dirty,unclean,ungodly) while eating other animals that are just as flithy makes no sense. But thats just me. That isnt an insult on what you have learned, I just don't see the point in man understanding the uncleanliness of a pig without being a fulltime vegetarian.

>(-Original sin
>-How to get favor with God/get into heaven (atonement vs.
>good works).)
>Then there's the biggest difference - the life and times of
>Yeshua Ben Yosef AKA Jesus The Christ AKA Iesus AKA Prophet
>Now yall know I don't believe in any such concept as as
>"trinity" and believe only The Father (who I gues is the
>same as Allah) is God, but the Qu'ran does not support the
>atonement and resurrection.))
>True indeed... cause he was a prophet... Phoenix fused into
>reality anyone?

Once again, I would take issue that despite this the two books take a completly different role on the death of Christ. One says he was taken up to God and not killed and the other says he was slayed on a cross for mans atonement.

Just some perspective...


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