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Topic subjectRE: For the most part they probably are not
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5279, RE: For the most part they probably are not
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Apr-11-03 07:25 AM
>> I believe the bible to be true and if you
>>find something that appears to be contradicting, It can be
>>shown to you thru using the same bible that their is nuthing
>>contradicting in the Bible, it's just when man puts his
>>interpataion in there that things appear contradicting.
>belief = interpretation.

it really depends on what we are discuss, for instance the Isaac/Ishmael story, if I am showing you the scripture (giving you the verses) on what God said about this story, How am I giving you my interpretation? It would be my interpretation if I wasnt showing you the scripture, dont you think?

>>>p/s those who try to live according to the law will become
>>only if you forget who is in charge
>nope. those who are living according to the law will become
>sinners. end of post.

I dont get you on this one, please explain what you mean. what I do understand is that "all have sinned" no one is prefect! as for the laws, no that want saved you, thru the laws you have the knowledge of sin. You keep them to show your devotion to God. so yeah, some of us fall off and some of us dont it all depends on your knowledge of the Most High.