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Topic subjectRE: there is a point
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5276, RE: there is a point
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Apr-11-03 07:13 AM
>> anything I say I can back up and so far noone can
>>really deny anything I say.
>then prove that people are misunderstanding paul's
>teachings. besides, please don't refer to theories - stick
>to "god and his word".

like previously stated, paul teachings are what most people use to discredit the bible. ex. it's ok to eat foods that are unclean, no longer have to keep the Sabbath, your not under the Laws but grace (true to some extent) your flying off to heaven when you die and among others.

As far as me proving anything, Im not the one with the problem with the bible and all I am saying if we are going to deal with the scriptures then do it right. Now if you want me to prove that it is not ok to eat foods that God commanded not to be eaten then I can, if you nned me to prove that Paul did in fact keep the laws of the bible then I will and I will be using the same bible and with words of Paul himself. There is no need for me to add my own thoughts or interpattion I can let the book speak for me.