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Topic subjectthere is a point
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5274, there is a point
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Apr-11-03 12:33 AM
>you carry on a convo with a fanatic who doesn't even
>understand his own fanaticism. There is no point. Ignore
>that user name at all cost.

you just dont get it and your not trying to. Your post was about if the two doctrine are compatible I say no and I also told you why.

is there really a need to "try" and dis me?

I have faith in the doctrine that I have learned. So that is what I represent. I dont attempt to make my own interpatations, is that what you need? then your right you might wanna ignore me. According to bible doctrine, I should show you what He (God)has to say about the matters and not my own.

dont say im a fanatic with no understanding of what I say, understand that I have a zeal of God according to knowledge.

if I dont understand what Im saying then why dont you take the time to show me what is right or what you think is right. anything I say I can back up and so far noone can really deny anything I say.

take it or leave it!