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Topic subjectRE: For the most part they probably are not
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5267, RE: For the most part they probably are not
Posted by Trinity444, Wed Apr-09-03 05:20 AM
why do you think the Bible says "let no man deceive you"

how can one explain away the prophecies of another Jesus being taught? other doctrines coming about? prophecy of how the word of God would be scares and how it will be hard to find Him.

the wickness that has come into God's word

>But there are some differences:
>-for one any practice of polyagomy is not allowed anywhere
>in the Bible under the Mosiac law. If I'm not mistaken,
>isn't it alright for men to have 4 or so wives in the

make sense dont it? who has laws, statutes and commandments more righteous then the one in the Bible

>Some of the prophets and kings in Israel had more than one
>wife (Solomon had over 700) but I don't thihnk this act was
>*accepted* but tolerated.

exactly, and that is why it was Solomon downfall

>-Which son of Abraham is the "golden child" (Ishmael vs.

the Bible says Isaac and the whole book is built around Isaac and his nation of people (be mindful of) let's also see what the BIble says about Ishmael:

Gen.16:11-12 (prophecy concerning Ishmael) and he will be a wild man: his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Gen.17:20-21, And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: behold, I have blessed him and will multiply him exceedingly; TWELVE PRINCES SHALL HE BEGET (who is this?, what nation of people?)and I will make him a great nation.

but my covenant will I establish with Isaac.

>-I could be wrong, but I think the law against pork (and
>other supersticious practices) is taken away in the NT.

naw, eathing pork and others are not taken away by the NT that's a lie. Christ came to esablish the laws, not do away with. people misunderstand Paul's teachings.

>-How to get favor with God/get into heaven (atonement vs.
>good works).

get into heaven? no such thing no one is flyin off anywhere. repent and be baptized

>Then there's the biggest difference - the life and times of
>Yeshua Ben Yosef AKA Jesus The Christ AKA Iesus AKA Prophet

foolishness, people have a zeal for/of God but not according to knowledge.

>Now yall know I don't believe in any such concept as as
>"trinity" and believe only The Father (who I gues is the
>same as Allah) is God, but the Qu'ran does not support the
>atonement and resurrection.

that's because you have been taught incorrectly and the quran doesnt support because it is false doctrine.