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5266, RE: Just to add on
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Apr-09-03 08:14 AM
>>-for one any practice of polyagomy is not allowed anywhere
>>in the Bible under the Mosiac law. If I'm not mistaken,
>>isn't it alright for men to have 4 or so wives in the
>It is allowed to have polygamists relations under the 613
>laws transcribed by Mosheh...as a matter of fact some sects
>interpret it as though they can have 7 wives, and others as
>that they can have as many wives as they can take care of...

I think all your responses are coming for a Jewish point of view which obviously my resposne was not at all intended to be.

>>-Which son of Abraham is the "golden child" (Ishmael vs.
>>which I think in some ways begins to take on an obvious
>>racial tone.
>Both sons were born to abraham, who was supposed to be a
>hebrew semite, Sarai, is supposed to be Abraham's half
>sister, which made Yitschak(Isaac) a legitimate child to his
>family who was some kind of sumerian royalty....ishmael was
>born to hathar an "egyptian" woman...

I know. But in Genesis only one of them is said to be the child of the covenant.

>>-I could be wrong, but I think the law against pork (and
>>other supersticious practices) is taken away in the NT.
>Exactly why any israelite who's following law doesn't follow
>that book....


Again, the original discussion is based on whether or not the Qur'an is compatiable to the Bible (as in the OT and NT) I understand if the NT does not fit your views but that isnt the topic at hand.

>>-Original sin
>>-How to get favor with God/get into heaven (atonement vs.
>>good works).
>>Then there's the biggest difference - the life and times of
>>Yeshua Ben Yosef AKA Jesus The Christ AKA Iesus AKA Prophet
>>Now yall know I don't believe in any such concept as as
>>"trinity" and believe only The Father (who I gues is the
>>same as Allah) is God, but the Qu'ran does not support the
>>atonement and resurrection.
>Neither does the torah....

That's because it isn't written in the Torah. The prophecies are made later on and the events themselves occur in the NT.


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