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Topic subjectFor the most part they probably are
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5264, For the most part they probably are
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Apr-09-03 04:36 AM
But there are some differences:

-for one any practice of polyagomy is not allowed anywhere in the Bible under the Mosiac law. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it alright for men to have 4 or so wives in the Qu'ran?

Some of the prophets and kings in Israel had more than one wife (Solomon had over 700) but I don't thihnk this act was *accepted* but tolerated.

-Which son of Abraham is the "golden child" (Ishmael vs. Issac)
which I think in some ways begins to take on an obvious racial tone.

-I could be wrong, but I think the law against pork (and other supersticious practices) is taken away in the NT.

-Original sin

-How to get favor with God/get into heaven (atonement vs. good works).

Then there's the biggest difference - the life and times of Yeshua Ben Yosef AKA Jesus The Christ AKA Iesus AKA Prophet Isa.

Now yall know I don't believe in any such concept as as "trinity" and believe only The Father (who I gues is the same as Allah) is God, but the Qu'ran does not support the atonement and resurrection.

I'm also not sure if it supports free will or pre-destiny cause in my view the Bible supports the former.


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